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Admission Process
Our admission process and criteria vary according to the age of prospective students and the programs to which they are applying. In general, our process seeks to determine to what degree the prospective student demonstrates intellectual curiosity, self-motivation, and age appropriate behavior. The student screening process also involves a meeting and observation period involving the school director, one or more teachers, and the prospective student and his/her parents or legal guardian.

We seek students and their caretakers who will benefit from and contribute to our vibrant and diverse school community. Montessori New Beginnings Academy welcomes students of any race, color, religion, national, or ethnic origin. We value and celebrate the diversity the enriches our world through the customs, traditions, and perspectives of people of different cultures, religions, genders, and socioeconomic groups. We believe that diversity is an essential component of a quality education and that it encourages the respect for and empowerment of the individual while discouraging the formation of stereotypes and prejudices. Our school population reflects the diversity of the world in which we live.


Application Deadline
There is no new student application deadline. We recommend that interested parents apply at least four to nine months in advance of their desired enrollment date - this is often based upon when their child turns 18 months (toddler program) or when their child turn 3 years of age (pre-primary/early childhood classroom curriculum). Applications are accepted throughout the year and prospective students are placed on the wait list pending classroom availability. Application booklets are available from the school office.


First Steps
Prospective parents must contact the school and schedule an appointment to meet with the school director, Rebecca Bernard. We encourage parents to plan for a early morning visit and tour of the facilities as the best way to gauge the school's environment is to observe while classes are in session. Parents are invitied to observe the classroom environment, see student activities, and get a feel for the manner in which students and teachers interact.


Enrollment offers are extended based upon several factors. Determining whether there is a match between the family's and the school's education goals for the child is the primary consideration. Siblings of current students and student alumni are given precedence. Our minimum standards for admission and continuing attendance include a determination of whether the child:
is age appropriate for the emotional maturity range of the class
fits within the academic curriculum range for the class
respects other individuals and acts in accordance with the school's behavioral standards
exhibits respect for self and demonstrates a motivation to learn
One of the school's goals is to maintain an age and gender balance within each classroom. Each application will be reviewed by an admission committee comprised of the school director, the Montessori program director, and the prospective child's homeroom teachers.

A non-refundable application deposit and tuition deposit must be made in order to secure classroom placement. When full occupancy exists, applications are considered for our remaining spaces on an 'as-available' basis and subject to our enrollment criteria.


Enrollment forms are dated.

They are given out in person along with our parent handbook once the application and fee have been received


“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” - Maria Montessori







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